Mission Statement

To raise cultural awareness and promote diversity to the sport of surfing through community activities, outreach and camaraderie.


Our Group

Our goal is to sponsor family oriented activities that get folks down to the beach to share our love of the water. Through these seaside events we hope to engage public interest in the sport of surfing, history, beach culture and ocean stewardship.

Our group is composed of people from many different backgrounds, who all share a spiritual connection to the ocean. We are of the community that believes a state of true bliss is only attainable through this connection to the earth we feel while wave riding. We strive to reach out to a culturally inclusive community in an effort to share this joyous experience, the sense of accomplishment and freedom that comes with it.

The daily grind of modern life can take a toll on the soul, and we all need an opportunity to recharge our batteries. The rhythmic pulses of the ocean and being in the moment while surfing gives us all this chance.


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